ATICO has over 25 years of experience in the complete delivery and installation of technical infrastructures for energy centers, substations and transformer stations. It provides counseling during solution design and plans and implements high- and low-voltage electrical installations, back-up power supplies and generators.

Thanks to a strong team of nearly fifty employees, our own production base for switchboards, and a service team of technicians, we can service HV and LV equipment including regular maintenance and inspections.

We offer our customers solutions in the fields of:

Power infrastructure for HV and LV heavy-current networks:

  • general supply for substations, cut-off stations, transformer stations,
  • solution design, project planning, acquisition of all necessary permits, implementation, servicing, maintenance, inspection.

Technological infrastructure of buildings:

  • energy centers and heavy-current cabling in technological buildings (industry, warehouses, hospitals, places of worship,..),
  • energy centers and heavy-current cabling for office buildings and residential buildings,
  • light-current cabling in technological buildings,
  • lightning rods, fire penetration sealing systems.

Data center and server room infrastructure:

  • comprehensive power supply solutions, cooling and monitoring technologies, heavy-current and light-current cabling.

LV substations:

  • general supply for substations and distribution points to up to 6,300 A,
  • general supply for energy centers including back-up power supply (UPS, diesel generators),
  • management and monitoring of energy systems.

Switchboard production:

  • production of HV and LV switchboards,
  • production of power factor correction switchboards,
  • production of electric meters and household switchboards,
  • production of M&R and atypical switchboards.

Control systems:

  • development and design of custom control systems,
  • control and monitoring of building energy systems, technological switchboards, electrical energy consumption,
  • provision of safe automated and manual control of energy transfer systems.

Examples of implementations