The company was founded in 2015 as a part of CONTEG, the leading European manufacturer of non-ICT products.

Our main focus is the creation and implementation of comprehensive solutions, including support for all associated services in the area of data centers, both for standard buildings and for mobile containerized solutions. The main technological parts of data centers include:

  • power supply systems – high-voltage section, low-voltage section, back-up power supply (UPS, engine generators),
  • cooling systems, air-handling and air-treatment technologies,
  • fire prevention systems – fixed fire-fighting systems, hypoxic air systems,
  • physical security systems – access systems, CCTV, security and emergency alarm systems,
  • structured cabling systems – metallic and optical,
  • monitoring, M&R, and remote management systems,
  • ICT infrastructure.

Over the next few years, we branched out from data centers to building complex structures that include technologies similar to those found in data centers. We realize these construction projects also from the position of general supplier, i.e. as turnkey projects.

Aside from the above, we also implement and supply individual technological units, such as:

  • transformer stations, substations, power supplies for production halls and administrative buildings, earthing, lightning rods,
  • industrial technological cooling, comfort air-conditioning of administrative buildings, air-treatment for clean rooms, air-handling systems,
  • fire safety with hypoxic air or fixed fire-fighting systems,
  • structured cabling systems for administrative or other buildings,
  • delivery of ICT devices – servers, switches, including implementation and support.

We collaborate with various manufacturers and suppliers of individual technological solutions. We are not tied to any single manufacturer or supplier.

Examples of implementations